What might Greta Tugendhat have felt when she left Villa Tugendhat in the spring of 1938? Fear? Anxiety? Anger? Under the threat of the rising Nazism, she emigrated to Switzerland and Venezuela with her husband and two children. She returned to the villa for the first time in 1967, and her greatest wish was to see the villa restored to its original condition. Many years later, after her death, this was achieved. Today, Villa Tugendhat is one of the best-restored buildings by architect Mies van der Rohe and is the only building in the Czech Republic listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is open to the public, which allowed me to visit it as part of a Camera Obscura photography workshop. The pinhole camera with its blurred ghostly effects served me well in expressing the symbolic return of the original inhabitants to the villa. Honor to their memory…

Pictures created in February 2015.



May 29, 2024

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