In 2007, I found kindred spirits among the Brno photographers who met every Wednesday evening at a café or pub. Vojtěch Sláma, Roman Franc, Gabriela Kolčavová, and Evžen Sobek were the ones I felt good with at that time. Thanks to them, I learned about ITF, as Roman and Vojta were studying there at the time, and Evžen was teaching there. I am grateful to Evžen for his help in selecting admission photos. Some photos I already had, others I took, but I created my first coherent photographic series, which told its story. A story about me searching, but not finding… about how something vital was missing. I was missing a life partner…

All the teachers liked the photographs, and so I was admitted to the first year of ITF in 2008…



March 17, 2024

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