All day I am home alone, studying, studying… Silence, the sun is shining outside, I grab my book and go to the balcony. The chirping of birds, the laughter of children, and an hour passes without me even realizing. The slightly ajar balcony doors sway open and then return – the entrance doors opened; Mom has arrived. I go to her with a smile, a conversation unfolds as she takes a roll and slices cheese, I fetch an extra tomato… The air is filled with what we did during the day, I make tea, and she peels apples. We don’t feel like grating them anymore, we eat them as they are and head to the bedroom. I don’t even know why, I sit down on my knees, palms on the ground. She looks at me and does the same, smiling. Like two dogs… So I start sticking out my tongue, she does too, laughter… laughter. I collapse to the floor, she leans on the bed with her hands. If our little dog were still here, he would have joined us immediately… We reminisce, become serious… Again silence. She gazes outside, glimpses of the fading day reflected in her eyes. I grab the camera… and I am so glad to have her.

The original photograph came out blurry. These are other pictures from that time (2007), captured on black and white film using an analog Zenit camera.



February 4, 2024

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